Vendor in Gul Jarnath EU1

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Ice Dragon Hunt


todays evening we managed the Ice Dragon Hunt with our clan. Here are some Screenshots from the Action.



Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Hamlet Siege on Yssam

Hello Community,

yesterday we had a Siege on Yssam, in the north of this Subcontinent. Sunstone Island next to Talpec was our target. The "war" starts arround 3 o clock when the "russians" attacked EoAs (Elders of Agon) Mehatil. They destroyed the bank, the mageguild, the keep and some walls with a Ship (Junk).

We repaired all, after they were gone. Our Force geared up and was exactly right in time on the War-Area. There was alot of nice fights and we wiped everytime the enemy force. But with a mistake from us they destroyed the small siegestone very fast so that we lost our attack siege.

Here some Screenshots.


Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

The Haunted Ship [Community Event on EU1]

Hello Darkfall Fans,

todays evening a GM announced the Community Event - "The Haunted Ship". We had 2 hours to organize our Force. We decided to bring all our Girls and Guys to bind in Isturak, a small Hamlet next to Aradoth (The Event Area). 30 min before the Event starts we had a lot of nice Groupfights against differents Clans. North, south, west , east everywhere was soldiers and ready to fight. A realy nice evening. 3 Hours nonstop action arround Aradoth Lake.

Like everytime, i have some screenshots for you, to see what happend today.


Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Trade Routes and Diggin of a Large Map

Hey @all

Yesterday, we did the Traderoute. This starts at southern Niflheim and ends at the southern-west human lands. We was on tour with 2 new guys from Aesir and me with my Alt (also new char). After we finished the Traderoutes we were attacked by 5 Frenchy Slaughterers ..we had no chance to beat them and lost 30k+ Rare Drops each Person.  You mean this is hard? Sometimes the answer is "Yes" but the most time its alot of fun.

After we got killed, my epic Dwarfen Clanmate and me decided to farm 2 Big Mobs .. and the first of them dropped 8500Gold 1x Small Map (~ 6k-8k gold+regs) 1x Middle Map (11k-15k gold+regs) 1x Large Map (22k-30k gold + regs) a Leenspar Key and 8 Q5 EnchantMaterials.

You win you loose :)

Here are some Screenshots from yesterdays evening


Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Guestroom for my Large Villa

Today after real played 3 years and 5 month i got a Guestroom for my Large Villa in Gul Jarnath
at the EU1 Server. It was a nice and uncomplicated trade. A Guestroom means that you have 6 Unsiegeable Bindslots and this in Gul Jarnath in the Middle of Agons World. Some Screenshots again, who i ride to the deal, and some others of the Village Gul Jarnath itself.

You can check my Vendor out, maybe you find something for you :)



Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Massive Group Fun @ Nifleheim

Hi and welcome back on the Darkfall 1.0 Diary during the Time till relaunch of Darkfall .."The next chapter".

Todays evening we got ordered to Nifleheim, the Icy Subcontinent in Agons World, to meet our Alliance Force. We was abit late but right in time to have good fights @ Frostcoast and Angfrost both Cities in the South of Nifleheim.

Here are, like everytime, some Screenshots out of the Game (sometimes with Shadows off )

Best regards, we see us ingame!